The last post here at Chocolate Models concentrated on the type of models that chocolate confection makers can find by searching online for suitable sources of models. So now we’re going a little out of the way by looking more closely at the very models themselves and what you can come to expect from them.


Models for making the various shapes of chocolate confection come as special molds that can be constructed from a variety of materials, but are primarily made from plastic, silicon and Teflon coated aluminum for lightness and easy of use. They’re also best when non-stick as anyone would know that ever tried to remove a very stuck chocolate shape from its housing!

You can find a good supply of images of models online in their various configurations. I’ve always said that eBay is one of the best sources of these molds simply because of the great variety that are available at any time. There are other online stores that cater for the connoisseur of models that can be used to make chocolate confectionery as well and these should also be viewed in various poses and configurations.

Models posing for molded chocolate shapes are the perfect answer to most romanticists dreams. As well as fulfilling their deepest desires in the sweet department, they make the task of creating the perfect molded products a simple affair. After all, no one wants to mess things up when you’ve gone to all that trouble to get everything together for the perfect poses to shoot some great model pictures of the finished confectionery.

There’s not much to beat the great chocolate models from wherever you’re coming from, so if you can’t beat them, then you should certainly join them!

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