Hello everyone, I’m back again with some more cocoa based mayhem and malarkey! My last post here at Chocolate Models, spoke of the creative process at work, so now I’d like to ramble on about novelty chocolate models and what they mean to me.

When it comes to novelty chocolate models, you can always find pieces of inspiration here and there. I have a good reason why I discourage people from spending too much time searching out every snippet of information they can as it eats up a lot of time, when I’m sure you’d rather be eating up a lot of chocolate confectionery!

When it comes to creating the finest confectionery in the world, whether it be milk or plain variety of the good stuff, you could be pouring over pictures of chocolate models all day and not actually creating anything. What do you do with of it? Chocolate doesn’t grow on trees – ok, actually it does!

This surely isn’t all there is to it. Well it is true about the several chocolate moulds you need to make your stuff even after you get them because comparing it to the other it might lower it on the list. Chocolate confectionery needs more work but it’s worth it. Now don’t worry about the tricky parts, because you can often cut corners and not lose anything. Just remember not to eat too much while you’re making the chocolates, or you’ll end up with fewer finished products than you envisaged!
Now, I want to reveal why I like chocolates. You know, that stuff which is made from cocoa beans that can melt it into your mouth like velvet. There’s no golden rule because every box of chocolates are different, although I’m well aware that eating too much will make me fat, but what the heck.

What it does mean is that I can freely allow my imagination to run wild. Not to mention the fact that they are just too good to resist. Add to that the idea of making them myself is delightful and decadent. By all means is this a recipe for a chocolate feast in the making here! I don’t want to belabour the point, but here are plenty of reasons why I like chocolates. We all know just how incredibly tempting they can be. Especially the ones that come displayed in beautiful boxes. Ok, I don’t spend all my time drooling over the glossy photos in magazines and cookery books, but I can be stopped in my tracks outside a Thorntons shop.

I don’t want folks to start using chocolate models without first planning what they are going to make and the recipe they are going to use, especially when eating too much can have all kinds of repercussions for health. Chocolate is a simple way to pile on the pounds, as we all know, so be a little selective and watch you don’t overdo it! Now what about some of the things we can use? There are so many great ideas to try out. They come in all shapes and sizes and the best chocolates melt in your mouth. There are so many ways in which to make use of these.

I still like using my own collection of chocolate moulds though for a treat of the taste buds and the mind as well. They are an absolute godsend to confectionery making, after all. Here’s the story and a bit of info about getting on top of it. There are many factors involved. This isn’t something you might expect. Make sure you view the pictures with an open mind. I hadn’t figured that I could take into account common sense. So you’ll need some valuable information about your chocolate recipe to make it worth as much as it can be. It would not be surprising if you created all your own chocolate confectionery to be all singing and all dancing. Remember that some recipes that contain large amounts of sugar and cream are the most fattening. Where do you think that spare tyre comes from? I do not agree that you cannot use chocolate models in that way. You’ll be hard pressed to get better results than these.

Finally, using my chocolate models are by far the easiest method of getting good novelty chocolates that are a real treat for the kids and the adults as well. When did you ever see so many great smiling faces? So what did you think about this instalment from the bowels of my cookery and food knowledge? It literally grows on trees as I’ve probably already mentioned! You know I can invite plenty of people round for a tasting session but I can’t stop myself from thinking that I’d rather keep them all for myself.

Who wouldn’t? See you soon!

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